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A indelible memory


The undersigned in Greece with NOEMI di S.Pellegrino Camp.Lav.Gr.


The prototype Adria' s Iva Camp.It.Int.Trialer.



 NOEMI di San Pellegrino winner of DERBY 1993 and Camp. Lav.Gr.


The owner Mrs. Bucalossi and the Balugani trainer with ROBBY di San Pellegrino Camp.It.Int.Trialer. (Photo of the author in preparation).


foto56.jpg (45207 byte)

UMBRA di Saint Pellegrino (before to right) Camp.It.Int.Trialer and European Champion Female Pointer of Grande Cerca in 1999


foto77.jpg (98586 byte)

ETTORE della Gherbella Camp.It.Int.Tr. and Camp. of Lav. Gr. with its Greek conductor puts into effect them.


ZORA di Saint Pellegrino Camp.It.Int.Trialer in Spain


booklet-zac.gif (112681 byte)

ZAC di Saint Pellegrino Camp.It and Int..Lav. with the owner Cortesi Paolo Claudio and its trainer Ferrari Giuliano, on lands of Sardinia.

ATOM di S.Pellegrino to Derby 2001



(clicca the photos in order to magnify them)

foto85.jpg (175939 byte)

The friend George on Greek mounts, with two Saint Pellegrino and many woodcocks


foto84.jpg (28907 byte)

On mounts of the Greek Macedonian in it tries of "cotorni"


foto83.jpg (46056 byte)

The booty of one day fortunate of hunting of the friends (from left) George X, George M, Nikos and Athanasio


foto71.jpg (51316 byte)

The relation to the term of a test to Grande Cerca in Greece and on the background beautifulst lands


foto76.jpg (7102 byte)foto75.jpg (60475 byte)

foto74.jpg (24587 byte)

Ends of the beautifulst Greek nature and, under, a part of Tessalonika bathed from the sea and the vernal sun




foto72.jpg (10227 byte)

ATOM has ended the turn to nightfall


foto82.jpg (51466 byte)

Girandola with ZORA in a sea of grain and on the background the olivs


foto81.jpg (62951 byte)

 Girandola with ATOM in one of the many callbacks


foto80.jpg (52958 byte)

The morning of the fortunate elimianator of ATOM with the concurrent others, their trainers and the Jury


foto79.jpg (43409 byte)foto78.jpg (50152 byte)

Two extended examples of the infinite ones sea of grain where the Spanish red partridges abound


The sons of ADA di S.PELLEGRINO x ZAC di S.PELLEGRINO, to eight months, in firm on obliging turtle-dove in the house garden.


BARBA di S.Pellegrino of property of Mr. Longhi Giosuč

 BURRASCA di S.Pellegrino of property of Mr. Gianfranco Magi



foto92.jpg (32725 byte)

ZUMI del Volturno in the photo of the Derby 2002 (Zuffa di S.P. x Nobel)

It has recently matured all the titles them for being proclaimed Ch.It.e Int. of work

ZUMI del Volturno (Zuffa di S.Pellegrino X Nobel) has gained the European Championship Pointer 2003, in Sicily, with two C.A.C/C.A.C.I.T. in as many days of tests - I will add other particular nonhardly I will come some to acquaintance - It compliments alive to Macaluso, than from much time of he is the conductor, and to the Selector of the Italian square and breeder Oscar Monaco.

I have known in that moment that the owner is the Prof.COSTANTINO Pietro,  hunter of woodcocks of Messina. It compliments also he.


The period of birthday , for me, is full days of melancholy and it comes easy to think to me, with sadness and sympathy with, to some beloveds Friends who shared my same passion and that hour not there are more. The memory that I have of They is rooted and indelible in the time. Good Birthday Them.

foto109.jpg (68116 byte)

Istria - Franceschia (Umago) - the Gabrielli friend to a Derby of many years ago (clicca the photo)


foto108.jpg (35572 byte)

Istria - Hotel Adriatic of Umago - the Franciosi friend to the wedding of Maela Koronika (clicca the photo)


foto107.jpg (42293 byte)

Istria - Medulin (Pola)  - the  friend Di Pasquale in training with the Champions "del Binario" Cam and Gaetano (clicca the photo)

 Goblet Europe 2003 (with Zora di S.Pellegrino)


European Championship Pointers 2003 (with Zora di S.Pellegrino and Atom di S.Pellegrino)


IGOR (ADA di S.Pellegrino x ZAC di S.Pellegrino) Breeder Ferrari GF., in Serbia together to owner DUSKO SORMAZ


The meal of the sons of Zora X Atom to 33 days


FIL di S. Pellegrino (Ambra x Robby), nearly three months, in firm on the obliging usual turtle-dove. Behind of  he also Barba in firm


Serbia 2004 - IGOR ( the 15 April 2002 from Ada di S.Pellegrino x Zac di S.Pellegrino) in wait to leave for the turn of training, in preparation of the next DERBY - Breeder Ferrari Gianfranco


Serbia 2004 - IGOR in firm on partridges, with to flank the young Serbian trainer Darko Milosevic, than of it he is curing the preparation -


Serbia 2004 - ALICE (the 19 March 2002 from Ambra di S.Pellegrino x Ribot della Noce) in firm on partridges, while it is being prepared for the next Derby - breeder Ferrari Gianfranco


Serbia 2004 - ALICE in firm on partridges - also Alice is trained from Darko -


photo-166.jpg (81572 byte)

Here ZUMI del Volturno, neo Champion of Europe on woodcocks, just in occasion of the victorious exhibition in Sicily, to Burgio - As it will be remembered, Zumi is daughter of Zuffa di S.Pellegrino (Ulla di S.Pellegrino x Ribot della Noce) and the Ch.Trialer Nobel.


photo-165.jpg (169600 byte)

Still ZUMI del Volturno with its best trainer MACALUSO Michele. At the same time to the European Championship on woodcocks it has gained also edition  2003 of the prestigious "Pedrazzoli Trophy"


photo-169.jpg (48662 byte)

ALICE (Breeder Ferrari Gianfranco) in firm on brigade of partridges in the periphery of Belgrade

photo-170.jpg (48493 byte)

IGOR (Breeder Ferrari Gianfranco) also he in firm on brigade, with its Darko conductor

I have intentional to expose the two photos, even if of these two subjects (than they do not have some "affisso" in how many litters coming from subjects from two that I have had to make, to my name, for being able to have a "affisso")  I have already published other images, for the spectacle of the two placed. Alice, has told to me, has crossed all plowing, in guided, in order not to lose the contact with the partridges that they were embezzled of pawn and has been blocked from the objective in one rests that I find beautifulst, for the spasmodic tension who the bitch demonstrates and for the truly unusual position. The firm one of Igor, instead, attracts to me for like erge in statuary way and that, copying a phrase of the most dear Zurlini, it seems "it raises on the tip of the feet" for being able to fling the partridges at a distance greater





In the first photo I find myself in a forest of beautifulst and smallest  game-reserv of "Fasana" (Pola), to hunting of woodcocks, with Zironi - Is obvious  that the photo laughed them to several years ago, even if me seems to have released yesterday it. In the second one, on lands of Varazdin, the anger appears and the strong disappointmen of Carlo due to the fact that the brace of dogs that must begin the turn seems never arrive and with others fifteen turns to make, is risked to make night.